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510 – Rebuildable – Made in Germany

We at Vape Engineering figured out a way to make more use from e-cigarette batterie mods. If you own an e-cigarette you can exchange your atomizer and attach our all new vaporizer.  

Herbie is an 510 Vaporizer for every common e-cigarette battery. Its fully rebuildable design gives you the unlimited possibilities to tune it to your own personal sweet spot. There is no need in buying expensive spare coils or beeing limited in customizing options. It fully depends on you, if you want to go with wattage or use the temperature control in your device. The stainless steel mesh allows both ways. Due to its smart design it even has passive cooling of the outer housing, so that you can use it longer or share it with your friends.


HERBIE is completely rebuildable, which makes it very easy to clean and change the coil. Modify your own coils to hit your sweet spot.

innovative airguide

HERBIE features an airstream between the inner and outer housing, which keeps it cool, so that you can vape longer.


With the 510 connector you can decide which battery mod you want to use. It's time to build an awesome vape.

It even got more features


Due to the fact that there is no combustion only little vapor comes out and it hardly smells.


Replace the mesh on your own.


Tune it to your personal sweet spot

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the way to go, when it comes to high end material on vaping devices. Therefore HERBIE is fully made of V4A.

810 Connector

Customizability was one of our main goals. We're offering you the chance to use your favorite drip tip on HERBIE with the 810 connector.

Rapid Prototyping

All insulators are made of PA12 with rapid prototyping.

Zeichnung horizontal ohne Maße

Over 500 Tests led us to only one possible outcome

The most important tool during the development of herbie is the numerical flow simulation (CFD). 

The airflow and the temperature can be tested simulatively on a PC without having to build a new prototype.